Lessons learned from dogs – Part 1

I look outside at the spring snowfall, the third such storm in as many weeks and feel flurry, flake, fatigue.  We’ve been spared the real blunt anger of nature’s fury over the past few weeks and I’m acutely aware it could be, and could have been, worse.  The sight of greens poking from beneath the snow confirms nature is ready for spring as I am.  Still, the snow falls and the wind gusts with the same intensity as December.  Winter has us in his (or her) icy grip and seems unwilling to relent.

My dogs each react differently to the ongoing cold.  Jack, my golden retriever, snow bathes with the same enthusiasm as months ago.  Luke and Buddy, on the other paw, look out and take an extra minute before plunging ahead.  They seem to have had enough, possibly since snow presents more of a challenge, based on their height.  They’d be just as happy lying in the grass soaking up the sun.  Still, they cope with it in a manner that I find inspirational.  I’m blessed with the option of indoor plumbing and at my age that’s more significant than ever.  My fluffers have to go out every few hours in all kinds of weather for relief, they do so with wagging tails and bright eyes, even in the middle of the night.

We can learn a lot from dogs.  I think we should redesign the United Nations, no more people.  Each country gets a dog, they meet in one big run for diplomatic purposes.  Nasty or aggressive dogs, I’m thinking of Putin, go into a small, isolated run until they can behave.  It would save a lot of money and make for fun television.

It’s time to move on, dogs have to go out.



Intro to me

After many days of daily posts it may be a good time to explain why I’m here and what I hope to accomplish.

I’m here to share my work and ideas, to give you a short break from reality and maybe make your day a little better.   This probably doesn’t sound very ambitious but a daily mental health break is something worthwhile.