Day 2 of the cruise

Sometimes things work out, so far so good. Finally on board but while we waited we found nice hotel. In the morning we went to mass at a beautiful church in Newark, St. Carisim’s (I hope I spelled it right). Then a mall and then word to board. Hopefully all will be well…

Away message

I may be going on a cruise today, on Anthem Of The Seas, you may have heard, she sailing was delayed due to concerns about coronavirus.  At this writing we’re scheduled to board after 5 PM for a 10 PM departure, assuming the CDC clears the ship.  The current administration as cut funding to the CDC so I suspect the tests are being overseen by the janitor.  At any rate, I will not have access to wi-fi for a week (it’s way too expensive for my taste).  I will try and hit Twitter when we’re ashore and will file a full report next week.  Thank you to my followers, both of you!  Wish me luck!